matthew enger

I have 15 years of experience in photography and page layout, which laid a strong foundation for my more recent turn to web and interaction design. I’m good at finding new ways to frame and present information, and calculating the tradeoffs inherent to different approaches. My current personal project is a visual redesign of Spotify, accounting for Spotify’s apparent business goals and how to integrate them into an improved user experience.

I’m a Berkeley-trained historian of British and colonial American constitutional history. I’m particularly interested in the ways in which British constitutional history, including the Stuart monarchy, English Commonwealth, and Glorious Revolution, influenced the development of the American colonies’ divergent and unique constitutional cultures. I left my PhD program upon realizing that academia wasn’t a great fit for me, though I have continued working on my dissertation in my free time as an independent scholar.

I’m also a certified paralegal, with specialization in business, IP, water, and constitutional law, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and criminal procedure. As a paralegal, I cannot give legal advice to clients, but I do use my training to ensure that none of my design work runs afoul of copyright or trademark law.

I currently work at the Santa Cruz Public Libraries in the reference department in addition to running my freelance design business.


UC Berkeley




Paralegal: Business, IP, Water, Criminal Procedure, Constitutional Law, ADR

Google UX Design*

Adobe Certified Professional: InDesign*

* in progress


Figma, Adobe XD, InDesign, Illustrator, Lightroom, Photoshop

WordPress, Squarespace

Google Workspace, Mailchimp

Basic HTML & CSS