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I have over 15 years of experience producing print and digital layouts for a variety of use cases, using tools from Adobe InDesign and Illustrator to WordPress and other web design platforms. I’ve laid out magazines, books, posters, maps, and manuals — as well as websites — for myself and for clients. I have included some highlights from my personal portfolio below; client work is largely paywalled, but I have included samples where possible.

chilvers coton survey maps

Dr. Steve Hindle — formerly Director of Research at The Huntington Library in San Marino, California, and now an Endowed Professor of History at Washington University in St. Louis — will soon be publishing “The Social Topography of a Rural Community”, a detailed study of the English parish of Chilvers Coton as it stood in the 1680s.

To assist in his research, he hired me to assemble fragmentary historical evidence into a comprehensive map of the parish, including the outlines of the roads, streams, and parish bounds, and the approximate location of every household recorded in a 1684 survey. The mapping project required about 36 months of work, a small part of the nearly two decades of work that Dr. Hindle has put into this study.

When Dr. Hindle’s upcoming book is published, high resolution versions of these maps will be made available on an Oxford University Press web portal. I will update this page with links to the text and OUP site once they are available.

leveller magazine

Leveller Magazine is a magazine concept I developed in homage to the radical social movement of 17th century England, a time and place I studied extensively as a professional historian. The Levellers sought to break down class hierarchies and create a more equal society during a period of revolutionary political turmoil. Although the Levellers, and their offshoot groups, the Diggers and Ranters, were largely neutralized and suppressed by the end of the 17th century, their legacy informed early socialist thought and established a framework for critiquing the excesses of industrial capitalism during the 19th century. Their attempts to create a more equal and equitable society presaged the social movements of the 20th and 21st centuries.

internship development guide

Capstone Education Advisers LLC, an education consultancy whose website I built and maintain, hired me to lay out and publish an Internship Development Guide for aspiring research scientists. Dr. Shelley Enger wrote the text, which I copy-edited and laid out as an interactive PDF. The first edition of the guide was completed on an abbreviated schedule to meet a deadline; future versions are anticipated to be hosted online, with downloadable PDF supplements, or with revised formatting and additional illustrations and new copy. The included pages represent only a small sample of the contents of the book, as the full text is available for purchase on the Capstone website.