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I have focused my web design efforts on creating for small businesses — especially in the education field.

I help each of my clients develop their online presence based on their unique needs and clientele. In addition branding considerations, including logo work, color palettes, and fonts, I work with my clients to structure their site information hierarchy in a way that brings out their strongest qualities.

Many small businesses cannot afford to buy subscriptions to the most advanced web development tools when they’re starting out, so I work with clients at their particular budget level. That includes defining the project scope early to ensure the work stays within budget, and providing regular updates of my timesheet. I will also provide recommendations for different tools, website and domain plans, add-ons, and other site features based on your budget needs. For all clients, I implement custom HTML and CSS to the extent necessary to meet your design objectives.

Check out two examples of projects I’ve completed in WordPress below — capstoneadvisers.com and marybethraycraft.com — as well as a discussion of the design choices that I made when designing this website.

I prefer to work with WordPress or Readymag for site building, but would be happy to use another platform if you have a pre-existing site hosted there.

meadows design

Apple’s classic operating systems, from Lisa OS to System 6.0.8, were exceptional in their understated, black-and-white design. This website is designed in homage to the classic Macintosh System Software that laid the foundation for every iteration of macOS since the 1980s.

capstone education advisers

Capstone Education Advisers LLC is an education consultancy that works with students on education planning, college applications, and career development internships.

This project is ongoing, and makes use of several advanced site-building tools, as well as custom HTML and CSS code.

In addition to building and maintaining the website, I have also done a great deal of page layout work for Capstone, including formatting letterhead, digital forms, and multiple editions of their college admissions and research internship guidebooks.

For more information and website samples, click the button below.

mary beth raycraft

Mary Beth Raycraft, PhD, is a college admissions consultant based out of Boston, Mass., and New Haven, Conn.

For this project, I used only WordPress’s included site building tools, plus some custom CSS to incorporate the client’s chosen color palette and fonts across all site elements.

I also developed a site & business logo and implemented it as a favicon.

For more information and website samples, click the button below.